About the War in Ukraine

 As always, take what rings true to you and let the rest drop away.

We are in a time of change. We need to bring beliefs, lessons, and actions to the forefront to face them and let them "burn out",  We are getting ready for the Peace to come. Power and Governments are shifting. Light is shining on the hidden actions of governments and people in power.

We are focusing on the war in Ukraine much more than other wars, because this is a turning point.  The people of Ukraine, the souls, their higher selves, have volunteered to bring this violence to the forefront to allow us to see the unneeded aggression, brutality, and harm and "burn out" the violence. even knowing some will lose their lives.

Please send LOVE to the people of Ukraine each day. Just say, "Send Love to all in Ukraine."  The Angels will deliver the LOVE immediately.

We are in a time of Earth renewing and changing. This will not be a period of normal, rather we are in a new time, a shifting time. We signed up for this changing time, a never before experienced shift. Be ready. Make sure you are living where you want to be for awhile because times can get difficult. Changes will be effecting different areas of the world. You can already see some areas are flooding. Some have fires.  There is snow in Greece. There are volcanoes and earthquakes. Some areas have had no electricity for weeks. 

If you do not have an emergency stash of food, get some. Even a big bag of beans and a big bag of rice will work. If nothing else, make sure you have WATER to drink and cook and wash up for at least a couple of weeks or a month. Plan on one gallon of water per person per day. Emergency Survival Checklist 

If you want to hear what the Angels are telling us about the war in Ukraine and  hear a healing passage, check out this video from Angel channel,  Anne Tucker,  The Angels Explain the War in Ukraine . I can verify the messages from the Angels because I have experienced private one to one sessions with the Angels who channel thru Anne Tucker for over a year.

If you want to hear a bit about the new becoming, the new dimension, the Ascendence, check out my personal experience in What is Ascendence Like ?

If you are a Sylvia Browne fan, you might go back and read Journey of the Soul: the Great Cataclysm. The mentioned changes to society are happening now. You can get a feel for what is to come by reviewing Journey of the Soul #6.  The Mother God, Azna, waved away the specific Earth changes mentioned in Journey #6. [FYI the Pacific Coast will not fall into the ocean]. We will have a different set of Earth changes coming now..

We will get thru this transition time. We may have some real ups and downs, but we will come to a period of Peace and community where people are helping each other and we drop the karma we have been working through. There is a beautiful, peaceful time on the horizon. Just be prepared and ride out the storm if it comes to your area of the world.

All questions welcome. 

Sending Love and Blessings to you and yours. 

Theresa Micheletti 

Gnostic Light INC



Emergency Survival Checklist


Angels Explain the War in Ukraine


What is Ascendence Like?


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