Tools to Get Through Life

As always, take what information rings true and leave the rest. 
When we leave the perfect, loving Other Side, our Heaven, and cross the veil into life, we forget the tools God provides us. We can ask our Spirit Guide for help, but often we do not know what to ask. We come to this planet to learn life lessons by coming up against negativity.  We share our experiences with our God who knows all, but experiences through us. God allows us to make mistakes and Loves us no matter what happens. 

As we go through life, we can collect our tools to make our lessons and our life a bit easier by balancing ourselves and living more calmly.  To enable these tools,  just ask for them each day. Know the tools are available to you.

Some classic spiritual life tools:

Angels are just waiting for you to give permission to protect and help you.  You have an assigned personal Angel who watches over you.  Legions of other Angels are available to you. Ask them to protect you, to heal you, to help with a specific problem.

God’s Lights: White Light of Protection, Emerald Green Light of Healing, Purple Light of Spirituality, Golden Light for Higher Consciousness and Knowledge, Pink Light of Love, Sky Blue Light of Tranquility. Think of these lights surrounding you and breathe in the Light you choose.    

Use ethereal Armor and God’s Protective Shield to provide a protective barrier to life's negativity.  Make the armor out of God's Silver-blue Light that becomes an unpenetrable metal.  

You have a Spirit Guide,  who has lived a life before and helps you follow your life path. Talk to your Guide and be specific.  Don't say, "Help me".... help you what? Your Guide can even hear you whisper or better yet, give your Guide permission to read your thoughts for this lifetime.

Platinum Columns of Light which you can mentally place over yourself and others for protection.  Mentally place columns like protective pillars by your doors. Place protective columns in the corners of your rooms, your house, your property, or even in streetlights and trees.

A Blue Flame Bubble neutralizes negativity within you and outside of you. Surround yourself and loved ones with the bubbles of blue flame to have any negativity drop and become ineffective.
Totem animal is a spirit animal that came into life with you to protect. You can have your totem walk in front of you, or protect your door, or your car, or protect you (especially in unfamiliar places).  

Use a Golden Sword to cut through negativity around you. 
Shut Windows of Negativity with things like nightmares. Shut them away from you.

Purple Sash or Purple Light-- mentally put the sash or light around a person’s mouth or head for truth and correct thinking.

Crystals like quartz or amethyst absorb negativity. To cleanse the crystals, be sure to put them in sunlight or salt water.   
Balance Your Emotion and Intellect and cement them together. Intellect gives us direction and emotion activates us if we are in balance.

Choose tools to call on each day.  You can make up your own symbols for tools to protect or help you. 

To establish your chosen tools, know you can simply think about the tools mentally or picture them in your mind’s eye.

Consider using a code phrase to enable all of your tools at once. List the tools you want each day.  Ask your Guide aloud to help you enable your list of tools.  Assign the your tool list a phrase like “Code Green",  so whenever you say, “Code Green” throughout the day you are again empowering all of your tools. 

We will get through this life.  Using spiritual tools will make our lives a bit easier. 

Take what rings true and let the rest go. 

by Rev. Theresa Micheletti  
Founder, Gnostic Light Keepers & Gnostic Light INC

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Philosophy: classes with Sylvia Browne and years of trance classes with Francine and Raheim, Spirit Guides via Sylvia Browne. 

Blog #2  June 2020

Take What Rings True

    Take What Rings True

 The Truth About Everything

As we travel our journey through life, we only know one small speck of the painting, the BIG PICTURE of all there is.

When speaking of all there is, my mentor, Francine, described “all” as a painting and explained “As many years as I have been searching [for knowledge during life, on the Other Side, and as a Spirit Guide]… I have not even scratched the surface of that gigantic painting. I have not even begun to take one little fleck off, so you can imagine the magnitude of the knowledge that is yet to come.”     

To give you an example, let me tell you a story.

There were six blind brothers who lived in a small community in India. Their community looked after them and enjoyed sharing stories with them. The brothers had heard many tales of an amazing animal called an elephant. Many hours were spent arguing what an elephant must be like.  Finally, a friend arranged for them to visit an elephant, so they could learn first-hand.

As they approached the elephant, the first brother touched the animal's huge side and decided an elephant is surely like a large wall. 

The second brother touched the flexible trunk of the elephant and decided an elephant is surely like a large snake.

The third brother touched the animal's tusk and decided an elephant is surely like a sharp spear. 

The next brother touched the elephant's leg and decided that an elephant is surely like a tree.

The fifth brother touched the elephant's ear and decided an elephant is surely like a giant fan.

The sixth brother touched the animal's tail and decided an elephant is surely like a big rope.

As the brothers gathered to rest, they each argued their perception was the truth. They knew what an elephant was like. And each brother did have a bit of the truth, however none had the whole truth. 

We often believe our bit of truth is the whole truth. We believe our experience or opinion is the whole truth and don't stop to realize our truth may be part of the whole. 

Perhaps, we should allow others to have their truth which probably is not our truth. No group, no denomination, no philosophy has all of the truth. We can disagree, yet we do not know the BIG PICTURE, the Universe, the Quantum field, the Creation and Creator, the Source or whatever you wish to call all there is, the true entirety. 

We should take our bit of truth, our speck of the big picture and claim our truth. Gathering more knowledge can add to our speck of all there is, so ...
Take What Rings True to you and let the rest go.  

by Rev. Theresa Micheletti  
Founder, Gnostic Light Keepers & Gnostic Light INC

Quote from trance class with Francine 9/10/1991
Story based upon "The Blind Men and the Elephant" by John G. Saxe (1816-1887).  Philosophy: years of trance classes with Francine and Raheim, Spirit Guides via Sylvia Browne. 
Blog #1  January 2020