Times Are Changing

 Times They Are A-Changin' 


Take what rings true to you and let the rest go.

We are coming to a period of Transition.  Our normal is changing.


Geologically, the Earth shifts every 10,000 years often with Earthquakes and volcanoes. We are in that time. The magnetic poles shifted. North and South poles have magnetically switched. Yesterday, we watched a giant flock of birds circle, regroup and circle and never find a leader. Their usual ability to determine direction magnetically off kilter.

What about you?  Have you been feeling a lack of energy? Are you more tired?  Perhaps, you are being effected by the gravitational-magnetic force field which also creates earthquakes and volcanoes. Maybe, you easily lose your balance, don’t sleep well, trip over things,  have less short term memory, walk around in a malaise, get slight headaches, then the magnetic shift is throwing you off kilter. The polar shift has been jerking into place. Francine, Sylvia Browne’s Guide said to counteract the effect, eat nutritional foods and drink fruit juice. *You can also lessen the magnetic effects by mentally surrounding yourself with a lead encasement. I make mine crystal lead so I can see thru it.


With our shift in the magnetic poles our Earth has wobbled and is bulging at different points. Our orientation to the sun has changed. And we have weather changes.


. There is a gravitational force beyond the sun. Perhaps, a burnt out dwarf star (not shining) or Nibiru, a planet or comet nearing Earth on its 3,600 year orbit around the sun. If so, either will also cause a pull on Earth, causing earthquakes and volcanos.



Also, we are in a severe Solar Minimum, where the sun is keeping its energy close sending a minimum of heat to Earth, predicted to cause a mini-ice age. Colorado was 100 degrees on the weekend and snowing on Tuesday. Historically, Minimums cause a drop in temperature so less crops and crop failure. The French revolution was during a solar minimum.. When there is not enough food, people tend to blame the government. Civilizations and governments fall during solar minimums.

So, keep a supply of 1 or 2 months of food on hand with spices. Remember water 1 gallon per person per day. Plant favorite herbs ond veggies in a pot or a plot of dirt.


We have choices of how to react during this time. Probably, watching the news all day long is not helpful.  Take time to stop and reflect. What is important to you? You cannot fix the whole world. However, you can send Love to all each day, help those in need, and share with Loved ones and your community.


People staying home means facing the overcoats you put on to get thru life….  facing fear of the unknown. Some are questioning their own values and values of society.


People are reflecting on their lives, their relationships, where they live, their jobs. Some deciding to change. Go with the flow and your next steps will come…


The inequities of the world are having a spotlight shone on them. Emotions are coming up, we're searching for ways to create the world we want to live in. How will we be the change?


Spiritually speaking, we have a life chart and the Earth does too. We come to Earth to learn lessons and face negativity...lots of negativity now. Signs are pointing to the Earth cleansing and healing, resetting.-- earthquakes, volcanos, fires, floods, hurricanes, disasters, unusual climate cause an Earth restart. During the pandemic, dolphins were in the canals in Venice. Deer and wildlife were taking over parks and streets in towns and the pollution was clearing up.


We are moving to a new Spiritual Era. Institutions and society need to reset-- to unwind the old ways. We need to stop and go in a different direction. The Pandemic made the world stop, “the pause”, the stillness according to Anne Tucker’s YouTube channel. We’re ready to change direction. How? We don’t know. We need to get from our current state of being to our New Era.


There are many predictions of possibilities, many ways to unwind the old. In the 1990s, we were told there would be a cataclysm between 2004-2011 which Edgar Cayce and Jesus both predicted. The Earth plate California sits on was to fall into the ocean and Atlantis and Lemuria were to come up. We bypassed that possibility.  We have cycled around again to that window of change, but this time, our transition does not seem so severe, so no continents coming up and no Earth plates falling.


Luckily, predictions are NOT 100% absolute. Information is given to trance mediums and channels to help prepare us for possibilities. We came to Earth to experience.


We will be OK. In the meantime, we may face some challenging times. Some current predicted possibilities:


!. Prediction by Raheim, Sylvia Browne’s guide:  chaos in the streets like gangs fighting gangs. Now, in the USA groups killing and attacking other groups and neighborhoods.**


2.  A stock market crash causing banks to shut down for awhile. no cashing checks , no withdrawals. So, keep cash available in case. Banks, should reopen later.


3. New regulations. If the stock market crashes, money value could really drop.


4. Truckers refuse to drive their routes. Now, in New York City truckers are not delivering produce to stores. Family members are paying 4 times more for a veggie-fruit box delivered by a community member who started a delivery service. People line up on the block once a week for their delivery. I truly believe goods and services will be disrupted probably by November or December which can create deflation where our cash is worth more, but goods are limited and more costly. So, keep cash and don’t buy what you do not need now.


5. A good possibility, people start to trade and barter to get what they need.


6. A giant earthquake in India with ground on both sides falling into the rift in the Earth.... Predicted to release lots of ash and dust going around the world and releasing deadly gas, making the air unsafe locally and anywhere the vapors travel.

7. Another possibility, giant solar flares knocking out communications and maybe frying electrical systems which could also be the cause for banks to stop services for awhile. An estimate for this (and/or the rift in India) would be starting November 11 -14. (In case this is true, I will try to keep my computer unplugged so it does not get fried).


8. Raheim predicted the government going into a "chaos."then it going back to “The People's Government”.**

9. Raheim predicted the new Spiritual era including bartering, a more simple life, more spiritual healing, and a peaceful time where our abilities and gifts will come to the fore. ***


There will be a path to the New Era and we will be OK.


God allows negativity so we can come up against it to learn. Now, negativity is running wild. We are facing the unknown. We are not responsible for everyone and everything. The negativity will play out while we evolve toward a time of peace and spirituality.


The negativity of this world always rises before the positive rises to meet it. We are going to go thru unrest and some chaos during this transition. Just think of the amount of positive rising to meet this negativity. What a wondrous time!..... I always take heart knowing that the more negative things are that we will have such a towering positive to come.


Remember, you chose to come into life at this time. Probably to help others get through this difficult time. Remember, you can only hold one emotion at a time, so instead of holding fear or anger or any negative emotion, hold onto gratitude for what you have—friends, shelter, food, family, health. Hold Love. Send a bubble of Love out to everyone each day. (Angels will deliver the Love bubble immeditately). If you cannot shake a negative emotion, help someone— Call to check on someone.  Play with a child. Let someone go first at the intersection. Smile at people. Be kind.

We influence the possibilities for this transition. If we hold negative emotions, the Other Side cannot get through to help us. Hold onto positive emotions and try to help others do the same. (However, if someone tries to steal your bike, do get angry but then move on.)  Talk to the Universe or God if you need to let go of negativity. Talk to a friend. Take a walk. Visit the lake or the beach. Watch funny baby videos. Try to do things that give you pleasure.

Use the Spiritual Tools for Protection (see blog #2).


We are all in this together. Think about the future time when there is much, much less negativity, more community, more kindness, and no pandemic, the Earth renewed with a sparkling sky and people actually seeing Angels.  What do you envision in the future?


Philosophy: years of trance classes with Francine and Raheim, Spirit Guides via Sylvia Browne. 

*    Trance 11/7/89 Francine

**  Trance 1/31/94 Raheim

*** Trance 1/3/94 Raheim

Anne Tucker YouTube channel (a trance channel)

Solar Flare picture by NASA

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Tools to Get Through Life

As always, take what information rings true and leave the rest. 
When we leave the perfect, loving Other Side, our Heaven, and cross the veil into life, we forget the tools God provides us. We can ask our Spirit Guide for help, but often we do not know what to ask. We come to this planet to learn life lessons by coming up against negativity.  We share our experiences with our God who knows all, but experiences through us. God allows us to make mistakes and Loves us no matter what happens. 

As we go through life, we can collect our tools to make our lessons and our life a bit easier by balancing ourselves and living more calmly.  To enable these tools,  just ask for them each day. Know the tools are available to you.

Some classic spiritual life tools:

Angels are just waiting for you to give permission to protect and help you.  You have an assigned personal Angel who watches over you.  Legions of other Angels are available to you. Ask them to protect you, to heal you, to help with a specific problem.

God’s Lights: White Light of Protection, Emerald Green Light of Healing, Purple Light of Spirituality, Golden Light for Higher Consciousness and Knowledge, Pink Light of Love, Sky Blue Light of Tranquility. Think of these lights surrounding you and breathe in the Light you choose.    

Use ethereal Armor and God’s Protective Shield to provide a protective barrier to life's negativity.  Make the armor out of God's Silver-blue Light that becomes an unpenetrable metal.  

You have a Spirit Guide,  who has lived a life before and helps you follow your life path. Talk to your Guide and be specific.  Don't say, "Help me".... help you what? Your Guide can even hear you whisper or better yet, give your Guide permission to read your thoughts for this lifetime.

Platinum Columns of Light which you can mentally place over yourself and others for protection.  Mentally place columns like protective pillars by your doors. Place protective columns in the corners of your rooms, your house, your property, or even in streetlights and trees.

A Blue Flame Bubble neutralizes negativity within you and outside of you. Surround yourself and loved ones with the bubbles of blue flame to have any negativity drop and become ineffective.
Totem animal is a spirit animal that came into life with you to protect. You can have your totem walk in front of you, or protect your door, or your car, or protect you (especially in unfamiliar places).  

Use a Golden Sword to cut through negativity around you. 
Shut Windows of Negativity with things like nightmares. Shut them away from you.

Purple Sash or Purple Light-- mentally put the sash or light around a person’s mouth or head for truth and correct thinking.

Crystals like quartz or amethyst absorb negativity. To cleanse the crystals, be sure to put them in sunlight or salt water.   
Balance Your Emotion and Intellect and cement them together. Intellect gives us direction and emotion activates us if we are in balance.

Choose tools to call on each day.  You can make up your own symbols for tools to protect or help you. 

To establish your chosen tools, know you can simply think about the tools mentally or picture them in your mind’s eye.

Consider using a code phrase to enable all of your tools at once. List the tools you want each day.  Ask your Guide aloud to help you enable your list of tools.  Assign the your tool list a phrase like “Code Green",  so whenever you say, “Code Green” throughout the day you are again empowering all of your tools. 

We will get through this life.  Using spiritual tools will make our lives a bit easier. 

Take what rings true and let the rest go. 

by Rev. Theresa Micheletti  
Founder, Gnostic Light Keepers & Gnostic Light INC

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Philosophy: classes with Sylvia Browne and years of trance classes with Francine and Raheim, Spirit Guides via Sylvia Browne. 

Blog #2  June 2020